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Student Living in Sheffield – Capland Properties

Student Accommodation Living in Sheffield - Capland Properties

Peak District, Sheffield Wednesday, iconic theatres, Division Street, Kelham Island, Northern hospitality and an incredible modern art scene; the offerings that this popular iconic Yorkshire City has is countless.

If you are considering quintessential Uni towns, look no further than Sheffield for all your student experience needs. The university itself has a remarkable reputation specialising in subjects ranging from Architecture to Computer Science, Maths and Microbiology to English and Nursing; no matter your dream subject or future job Sheffield University has what you need.

Student Accommodation Living in Sheffield

With affordable Student accommodation, nightlife and restaurants at your door, you could be living less like a typical student with all this access to great living at your fingertips. Think fewer pot noodles and more Jackfruit burgers and sweet potato fries (if that’s your thing).

With an Abundance Of Reliability, Experience & Professionalism;

We at Capland Student Living have been offering our student tenants affordable housing for them and their fellow classmates for decades.

At Capland Student Living we have become synonymous with good quality, professionality and availability. Let us deal with your accommodation so you can focus on other things such as good grades, good fun and enjoying the best years you could have.

Dubbed the Steel City, this vibrant and affordable gem is perfect for creating memories and having a great experience. With houses and flats on offer, we are the go-to for your accommodation needs.

Contact us today to register and get your place sorted early.

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