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Stunning Ibiza Wedding Venue – Ruth Alexander Weddings

Stunning Ibiza Wedding Venue - Ruth Alexander Weddings

So, you are planning your wedding?

Fancy perfect weather, crystal blue sea views?

Glorious Sunsets and authentic Spanish food?

All your family and friends on a beautiful holiday, where they can watch you get married to the person of your dreams?


Any of these appealing to you?

We at Ruth Alexander Weddings, suggest you make your dreams come true. Beach Ibiza is fast approaching the top spot for destination weddings for UK couples. But why?

Well maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s the medieval villages and idyllic views or maybe it is the utterly wonderful Spanish service and reputable vendors, all of which can help create your dream occasion.

Our incredibly professional wedding planners are seasoned in organising weddings, of any scale, on the beautiful island of Ibiza.

With many connections and associations in Ibiza, we can provide you with an abundance of stunning venue options. With Villas, old and new, unbelievable views and bedrooms to house your guest.

Whatever your criteria, we can help you find the perfect Ibiza wedding venue for your destination wedding.



Contact us today and we can talk to you through inspiring sandy beaches, rustic buildings, modern villas and romantic sunset first dances…

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