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Alpha Motorcycle Training in London

Riding a motorcycle can be incredibly convenient, very useful and a great alternative mode of transport.

If you are interested in riding a Motorcycle, we at Alpha, are here to help you achieve the legal requirement training you need while simultaneously giving you the confidence and skills you need to be self-­‐assured on those busy London roads.

Compulsory Basic Training or CBT is a legal requirement training program for anyone who wishes to ride a motorcycle on the road.

It is the most effective and safe way to get on the road while you prepare for your license test. Ensuring you can ride safely and adeptly on public roads is essential for gaining the tenacity you need to get on the road.

  1. Once you have successfully completed the training program, we at Alpha will present you with a CBT certificate which allows you to ride legally on UK roads for up to 2 years.
  2. Our expertise and knowledge have made us the best bet for motorcycle training in London.
    We offer competitive prices and discounts; Our training courses are priced including all equipment needed for your training purposes, helmets, clothing, the motorbike itself and insurance!
    Contact us to find out more about our training program. Make us your first choice for motorcycle training.


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