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Black Bridesmaid Dresses and Black with a “Kamal” Factor

black bridesmaid dresses

As a devotee of black apparel, I’ll admit that black shades make up 60% of my collection. While the LBD (little black dress) is a staple in most women’s closets, when it comes to wedding attire, black is usually the last colour that comes to mind for bridesmaid dresses. There are so many stunning blues and desirable purples to choose from, after all!

I’m here to encourage you to join the dark side of the universe – the side of dresses!

Is It True That Black Is Making A Comeback?

I don’t believe it’s ever been out of style. Black is such a versatile colour that it pairs well with practically any other hue. More brides should be thinking about it.

Black is a striking colour that complements all body types. It looks fantastic on individuals of all skin tones. Trust me when I say that your bridesmaids will appreciate it. These black tees are meant to be worn to parties and get-togethers on a regular basis.

Black bridesmaids dresses are sophisticated and timeless, giving opulence to a formal evening gathering or surprising charm to a garden party.

Because each design has its own feel, the formality of a wedding affects the proper type and length of dress. There are a variety of styles to choose from, ranging from floor-length formal to short cocktail elegance.


Because black is synonymous with more formal attire, choosing a style winner for your black bridesmaids dresses is impacted in part by your wedding venue. Long, floor-length black bridesmaid gowns will look out of place in an outside garden wedding. Nothing beats a gorgeous black floor-length beaded gown for an elegant downtown gathering, though.

Keep the following trends in mind when shopping for black bridesmaid dresses.

Floor-Length Black Bridesmaid Dresses

Adding length to any gown will, on average, raise the formality factor. Most people favor darker colour palettes for evening party attire, making black a perfect formal wedding colour. If you choose a formal wedding, you may expect more traditional elements on your big day. Keeping your bridesmaids’ gown styles consistent is one of these variables. A black floor-length gown is the epitome of sophistication; it radiates a polished, elegant aura.

Black Floor-Length Bridesmaid Dresses Styles

Floor-length gowns do exactly what they say on the tin: they reach all the way to the (wedding dance) floor! They give your bridesmaids an elegant image, especially when the guys are dressed all in black and the bride is wearing a stunning white gown. Here are some of our favorite designs from some of our favorite online dress shops. Don’t be afraid to try a few different combos. If your bridal party includes women of varied sizes, the “mismatched dress” look can be the ideal choice.

Goddiva Sequin Stripe Front Bow Maxi Dress

Your evening occasions will never be the same once you step into this sequin stripe front bow maxi dress by Goddiva. This ravishing black number is an amazing choice for this season’s formal events. With its long sleeves, plunging v-neckline and stripe sequin detailing, you can’t go wrong. Not to mention, its decorative front bow detailing, adding a little décor to this already mesmerizing style. This flawless evening gown is a winning choice for wedding guests, Christmas parties, black-tie events and a formal New Year’s Eve function. This sparkly number is beyond stunning, giving you the chance to sparkle away this festive party season, especially in its classic black colour. This enticing floor length gown will have you feeling like the bell of the ball for occasions to come. This glamorous number is evening in the running to becoming a perfect choice for bridesmaids. So, add some sparkle to your winter formal collection and dress to make a statement.

Goddiva Stephanie Prat Sequin And Chiffon Maxi

This stunning maxi dress by Stephanie Pratt for her ‘French Kiss’ collection is perfect for any occasion, from prom to bridesmaid dresses. With its flattering fit and glittering sequins adding a glamorous, classic feel. Wear with high heeled sandals and delicate jewelry for a stylish entrance to any event.



Goddiva has the most opulent black gowns made specifically for bridesmaids. Perfect designs, figure-flattering fashions, and luxurious fabrics. At Goddiva, you’ll find the ideal black bridesmaids dress. From black sleeveless dresses to black long sleeve dresses, there’s something for everyone. These black bridesmaid’s dresses are dazzling with sequins and hand embellishments, and they’ll make your squad seem like a million bucks.

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