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Caring for Your Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are social buddy creatures that require everyday association.

They convey by making different sounds and various implications and bounce noticeably all around when upbeat.


Guinea pig even eating regimen comprises of:

Great quality guinea pig food.

Scarlett feed. Some vegetables and natural products.

Guinea expects 30 to 50 milligram of vitamin C day by day from great food, nutrient enhancements, or products of the soil high in nutrient C.

Spotless, new, sifted, without chlorine water, changed day by day.

Avoid chocolate, caffeine, or liquor as these can cause genuine ailments. Keep away from sugar and high-fat treats.


Things to recall when taking care of your guinea pig:

New food, Scarlett feed and water ought to consistently be accessible.

Some vegetables and natural products for daily use. however, ought not to surpass 10% of their absolute eating routine.

Vegetables and natural products not eaten inside 24 hours must be discarded.

Cage or House

Guinea pigs adapt well to average family temperatures, be mindful of outrageous temperature changes. The living space ought to never be in direct daylight or a drafty territory.

A base 30″W x 36″L x 18″H departure evidence territory with a solid surface region and a lot of space for exercise and play makes a decent home for one guinea pig. A big cage is ideal.

Natural surroundings and 1 to 2 inches sheet of solid material. Legitimate sheet material incorporates great paper bedding, disintegrated paper bedding or hardwood shavings.

Together with raised Guinea pigs may be kept in same-sex pairs independently. Various types of animals should not be housed together.


Easy to deal with; inclines toward an everyday practice and comparative time for playing, taking care of and resting every day.

Covers up in objects, however, will come out when individuals are close to the living space.

Bite on objects to keep up the entirety of their teeth, which develop consistently; guarantee they have a lot of bite sticks or mineral bites accessible.

Environment Maintenance

Clean and sanitize the territory and its substance at any rate once every week with a 3% blanch arrangement. Flush and permit to dry before setting the guinea pig healthcare once more into the natural surroundings.

Eliminate wet spots every day; change bedding at any rate double seven days, or all the more regularly as essential.

Prepping and Hygiene

Guinea pigs stay clean and infrequently need showers. However, they can be cleaned with a damp washcloth or unscented child wipes if necessary.

Fur need not cleaning but a delicately supported brush to clean the fur. Smooth guinea pigs’ profit from a modest quantity of non-poisonous aloe-based salve scoured onto skin to keep it delicate.

Guinea pigs need their nails cut roughly once per month.

It is typical for a guinea pig’s teeth to be yellow.

Talk with a veterinarian if a guinea pig’s teeth or nails appear to be excessively long.


Indications of a Healthy Animal

Dynamic, ready, and friendly.

Eats and beverages routinely.

Solid hide and clear eyes.

Breathing is unlabored.

Strolls regularly.

Imparts by squeaking.

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