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Giving gifts is the best way of telling people that you appreciate them. We give gifts to people who are getting married, having a baby, graduating from college, and moving to a new house; generally, we give gifts because we are happy. Buying gifts is an art that requires deep thinking and consultations before delving into making a purchase. Different people and their different preferences and occasions sometimes demand the kinds of gift that can be presented.

Although, a gift item, you can never go wrong with and can suit every occasion is gold. Gold is the quintessential gift idea that fits into every context. Be it a wedding, graduation, promotion, child christening, or any occasion at all that may arise.

Now, you can’t just gift someone with a gold bar. Of course not, but there are lots of forms in which gold can be made. In this article, I will be writing on the best luxury gold gifts that you can give out to friends/family on any occasion.

Five Best Luxury Gold Gifts

Real Gold-Plated Roses

Roses are commonly associated with love, romance, or purity; thus, making it a fantastic gift item for a promoted friend/lover, a graduating relative/friend, or relatives who have recently had a baby.

You can take the rose a step further by improving the quality from being just a rose to a gift that can become a family heirloom by being gold-plated.

The roses are real roses preserved in 24k gold, capturing the essence and making it a jewel that can stand the test of time and last for a long time.

Gold I- Ching Coins

I-Ching coins symbolize wealth and prosperity, giving this as a gift means you wish the recipient growth and success. These coins make a perfect gift for someone who has just moved into a new apartment, a promoted friend/relative, or a newly wedded couple. Gold also symbolizes wealth, so a combination of gold-plated I-Ching coins wishes the recipient wealth in hundreds of folds.

Gold I- Ching Coins
24k gold crystal ball and pen

24k Gold Crystal Ball & Pen

A gold-plated crystal ball and pen is a most thoughtful gift for someone who has just graduated or a person who has just been promoted. Gifts carry meanings and a pen means a transition from one stage to another, it is usually seen as an executive, which makes a good idea of a gift and a gold-plated one a very well thought luxury gift.

Gold Bullion Key Ring

Keyrings help people not lose their keys, making it a widespread souvenir gift but can also be a proper gift to anyone depending on how you choose to bump the quality up. A 24k gold-plated bullion keyring will make the perfect gift of luxury to friends/relatives who recently changed apartments or bought a car.

Gold Bullion Key Ring

If you want the recipient of your gift to pick out what they want, a Goldgenie gold plating gift card will the best idea. Goldgenie’s gift card varies in value. You can get a gift card ranging from £100 up to £1000.

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