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Fit to Fly: Your Pre-Travel PCR Tests Guide

Fit to Fly: Your Pre-Travel PCR Tests Guide

In the last year and a half, COVID-19 has considerably hampered travel. Travelers from the United Kingdom are not exempt from travel restrictions imposed by governments across the world. No matter where you’re going, you’ll almost certainly need a Fit to Fly certificate before you can even begin your adventure. Within 72 hours after boarding your plane, you must have a negative PCR Fit to Fly test performed and validated. You are not alone if you are having trouble understanding what is required or how to jump through all of the hoops required to fly these days. Covid test London is here to answer your questions and assist you in obtaining your Fit to Fly certificates. If you’re seeking for Fit to Fly COVID-19 PCR Tests that are simple, quick, and affordable, look no further.

Fit to Fly: Your Pre-Travel PCR Tests GuideWhat Is The Definition Of A Fit To Fly Travel Certificate?

Before travelling out of the UK, all passengers must take a COVID test. A Fit to Fly certificate is a medical document that certifies your fitness to fly as a result of the pre-travel PCR Test. The certificate is issued after a negative result from a COVID-19 swab test administered by an acceptable test provider and is verified by a medical doctor who is registered with the GMC (General Medical Council). It is not provided by the NHS and must be obtained from a private supplier.

Where can I get a pre-travel PCR Test?

COVIDTESTLONDON.CO.UK, London’s number one Clinic for Coronavirus (Covid-19) testing. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of testing solutions, with a focus on safety & accurate results with the fastest possible turn around time.

Testing for Coronavirus (Covid-19) has come a long way from its beginnings just over a year ago with many options for testing, but PCR test has proven to be the best choice. Claret Diagnostics Ltd as the name suggest specialises in PCR Testing in London for travel and work. PCR Testing is a well established scalable process and the fastest most accurate testing solution available to date. It has become internationally recognised and become required by more countries daily for world travel for departures and in the UK, arrivals are required to use a PCR test to be tested and released from quarantines. We offer PCR test with a corresponding fit to fly certificate. You may ask yourself what is a fit to fly certificate? A fit to fly certificate is a signed and stamped letter from an accredited clinic also signed by a doctor registered with the General Medical Council that confirms that you do not have COVID-19 at time of the swab.

How Much Does A PCR Test Cost?

The objective of PCR tests varies, as does the time frame for receiving the results. We can promise you that our charges are reasonable and that we provide exceptionally fast and efficient services at your convenience.

If you’re planning a trip outside of the UK, whether it’s planned ahead of time or at the last minute, Covid Test London can help you with all of your travel needs. With the stroke of a button, you can receive your Fit to Fly COVID-19 PCR test and certificate at London or one of our pharmacies around South London. Now is the time to book or find your local location on our website.


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