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Holiday £5000 fine – Coronavirus Laws

A year on from the Covid pandemic, the UK government which is in talks to extend a travel ban adds more destinations to the ‘red list’, Coronavirus laws and a £5,000 fine to come into force. This  £5,000 fine is for anyone in England trying to travel abroad without good reason. Here is some information that sheds more light on the €5,000 fine.

According to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, “it is too early” to set out new foreign travel rules for summer as he warned that the €5,000 fine will apply to those in England who try to break the law.

This comes as a result of another surge in Covid cases in continental Europe, as well as the slow rollout of vaccines across Europe, which casts misgivings on the resumption of holidays abroad.

What are the valid reasons for travelling?

The valid and legal reasons for foreign travel currently must include work, volunteering, education, medical needs, and attending weddings or funerals. You must be caught travelling abroad for a holiday. Simple actions like taking pictures of yourself on the beach or at any area of interest outside the UK for social media will not count as ‘work’ no matter how you try to convince skeptical authorities.

If travelling for any of the reasons mentioned above, you will be required to provide identification, proof of your role, why you have to travel, and a whole array of documentation about the job you are travelling for.

You will also need to follow the health and safety protocols of the country you’re entering and quarantine on your arrival to the UK.

Please note that if you are going to any of the countries on the restricted list, you would have to stay in an airport hotel for 10 days.

However, If for instance, you were already in another country after the rules changed and you want to come back to the UK, you can fill out a passenger locator form and follow the guidance on the Government website.

Why you need the fit-to-fly certificate?

Fit to Fly Certificates

A young woman wearing face mask is traveling on airplane , New normal travel after covid-19 pandemic concept

The Fit-to-Fly medical certificate is a  certificate that provides travelers with proof they received a negative COVID-19 test.

Airlines may require you to carry out a standard Fit-to-Fly test if:

  1. You were just discharged from a hospital
  2. You are healing from an operation
  3. You are more than 28 weeks pregnant
  4. You are travelling for medical reasons
  5. You have a wide range of conditions from broken bones to infectious diseases.

So, before you think of travelling for any of the legitimate reasons stated earlier, Fit-to-fly certificate

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When would the ban on holidays be lifted?

For now, we cannot specifically say a month or date. With the Government sending out lots of messages about giving up on summer holidays abroad this year, the months of August or September look like the earliest options. However, note that the Government can change the rules and extend the travel ban if they deem it necessary.

Countries and popular destinations where infections have been on the rise and the vaccination rollout has been slower may still be closed to tourists.

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