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How to Find the Right Cleaner for Your Home or Office in London

How to Find the Right Cleaner fo

Choosing the right commercial cleaner for your home or office in London can be a tricky task considering how much competition there is. There are a huge range of cleaning companies operating in the capital, and all these companies offer a huge range of services and seasonal offers, so where do you begin when you are attempting to choose a commercial cleaning company?

Look in Local Newspapers

Local newspapers are the best place to look if you want to find a cleaner in your area, there will most likely be ads listed in the classified section advertising commercial cleaning services. Your best bet is to look in a local newspaper from the Borough you are looking for services in, for example if you are looking for commercial cleaning in Canary Wharf you may want to look in Wharf Life newspaper.

Look in Local Shop Windows

Local shops such as newsagents have been offering local advertising space for a great number of years, you will often see a corkboard in a corner somewhere with hundreds of business cards and posters pinned to it, offering local services. It may be a slightly dated option but if you are looking for a commercial cleaning company in Canary Wharf this is a great way to find the services of, and support a, small, local business.

Home or Office in LondonAsk Around

If you are hunting for a commercial cleaning in a location such as Canary Wharf there will likely be a great number of cleaning companies already operating in that area, due to the vast amount of office blocks. You may want to ask a friend from another building or drop an email to a contact from another company who may be able to make a recommendation. This method has the added bonus of getting a recommendation of a commercial cleaning company that another business have already tested out for you.

Search the Internet

A simple search for ‘commercial cleaning in Canary Wharf’ will lead you to hundreds of options when it comes to your hunt for a commercial cleaning company. In order to pick the best option, browse through some of their websites, see if they offer the exact services you are looking for, for example, you might want home cleaning or office cleaning, or a specific service such as high-level window cleaning. Once you find a commercial cleaning company you want the look of get in touch for a quote or a trial.

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