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Mini Digger Training Courses – RCP Training Ltd

Mini Digger Training Courses - RCP Training Ltd

Having the correct, authentic and qualified skills to do your job is key for any position, but even more so when using heavy and dangerous machinery in areas where you and your colleagues may be at risk.

At R.C.P Training we are pleased to offer industry training for you or your employees. Whether you decide to do training in your own familiar working environment, or you would prefer to be undistracted and gain your training at our functional and on-site facilities; the choice is yours.

One of the Most Popular Training Requirements Our Client’s Request is the Mini Digger Training.

As long as this vehicle does not need to be in drive in the public domain, a license will not be necessary, training, on the other hand, is an important stipulation.

The Mini Digger course is fundamentally a foundation course that teaches and assesses the operating and basic maintenance of the machinery.

With the syllabus including both practical and theoretical teachings on safety, driving, operating and productivity are all mandatory parts of the programme.

With the course covering areas such as controls and gauges, running and legislations, parking, manoeuvring, setting, starting and stopping the excavator, site safety, maintenance, storage, loading and unloading.

Our highly trained and expert constructors are available to assist you throughout your course and guide you through best practise procedures to ensure you or your employees are confident, skilled and ready to operate the machinery in a safe and precise manner.

This Mini Digger or Excavator course is perfect for anyone wishing to improve their skills in the industrial or construction industry, providing more options on positions and career development as well as providing confidence and knowledge on the job at hand.

Once the course is successfully completed you will receive your very own certificate, ensuring you can operate a Crane Training Courses below 10 tonnes.

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