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How to stay safe from Coronavirus

As nations begin to reopen during the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and the PCR Swab home kit and IgG Antibody Test are garnering popularity, it’s important for individuals to also take steps to prevent the spread of the coronavirus because:

1.The virus can be spread by anyone. Research has found out that the virus can be spread even if patients do not show symptoms or even 2 days before symptoms start.

2.It’s not clear how long you’re infectious. Health care specialists aren’t sure whether you can spread the virus after you get better.

3.You might fall sick after the first infection. Our body develops things called antibodies in response to an infection. They can help safeguard you from catching a particular germ again or keep it from making you seriously ill. But researchers are not sure whether Coronavirus antibodies will protect for a long period.

Ways to stay Safe from Coronavirus

stay safe from Coronavirus

Always wash or Sanitize your hands

Washing your hands regularly would go a long way in ensuring you are safe from droplets of the virus you may unknowingly come in contact with on surfaces. In case you don’t have access to clean water and soap, an alcohol-based hand sanitizer could come in handy.

Always wear a Mask

 You don’t need the surgical face masks that healthcare workers wear. As long as it is always clean and gives you adequate breathing space, any type of mask is fine.

Avoid touching your face 

Avoid touching your face too often and ensure you wash your hands and sanitize when you do. You don’t know where your hands have touched.

Stay home when you don’t have to go out

When you stay home, you prevent yourself from being infected and help stop the spread to others too. The fewer people you’re around, the lower your chance of getting infected. 

Observe Social Distancing

CDC reports have confirmed that the virus can be transmitted if you get within 6 feet of someone infectious for a total of 15 minutes throughout a day.

To protect yourself, practice social distancing by staying at least 6 feet away from other people.

Always Sneeze or Cough Into Your Elbow

When you don’t cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze and cough, you increase the chance of circulating the coronavirus and other germs into the air around you. Ensure you cover your mouth and nose with your elbow when you sneeze or cough to protect yourself and others. Always wash your hands afterward. 

Clean and Disinfect Surfaces 

Did you know you can contract COVID-19 from touching items or surfaces that have the virus on them? Imagine what happens when you touch your eyes, nose, or mouth afterward. Always disinfect surfaces.

In conclusion, individuals with symptoms of COVID-19 or concerns regarding exposure can opt for at-home testing options using the PCR Swab home kit or better still carrying out an IgG Antibody Test.

At-home testing offers wider availability with lower costs and reduced risk of exposure to the virus.

Having doubts about the symptoms you may be experiencing?

Need to know how you can test for the virus?

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