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Balcony Constructions – SKY GLASS Ltd United Kingdom

Balcony constructions - SKY GLASS Ltd United Kingdom

A Juliet balcony is a very narrow balcony with a safety railing on the high storey of a building or home.

There is growing use of the first floor and above modern and full height glazing that opens up. Giving more light and air to a property it is an attractive solution.

Balcony constructions are complex to install, there is wide use of basic barrier solutions known in the UK as Juliet Balconies.

Why Should We Add a Juliet Balcony?

There are different reasons why a Juliet balcony could be an outstanding addition to your home.

On new build structure, a full balcony is not probable on an upper storey, it can be a difficult decision because of overlooking issues or there might not be enough space,

which makes the compressed and understated profile of a Juliet an actual way to have a door upstairs while keeping the planners cheerful.

Another benefit is that it is a very affordable option than others. For renovations purpose, Juliet balconies can generally be installed without the need for planning, regularly simply attached on to a standing wall.

Wider glazing options offer a greater challenge for implementing Juliet balconies.

Sometimes the glazing incorporates fixed panels which in practice reduce the amount (length) of protection, even if the Juliet solution used is the entire width of the opening.

There are Many Solutions to Make Attractive Your Juliet Balcony.


Wider glazing solutions

Wider glazing choices offer a superior challenge for executing Juliet balconies.

Occasionally the glazing includes fixed panels which reduce the length of protection, even if the Juliet solution covers the entire width of the opening.

Sky glass offers the best quality glass balustrades which can be used in Juliet balconies.

This is perfect for both home and offices, they present a sophisticated and inspiring option for balconies, staircases or landings.

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