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Gaggenau Extractor Dealer – Gaggenau Cooktops – Espresso Design Ltd

Gaggenau Extractor Dealer - Gaggenau Cooktops - Espresso Design Ltd

At Espresso Designs, our team of talented designers, installers, engineers, reputable suppliers and customer care staff are on hand to ensure we give you the best possible outcome for your home.

We are proud to work so closely with our suppliers who have years of experience and incredible reputations for beautiful craftsmanship, perfectly functional characteristics and made impressively with durable materials.

A Supplier We Want to Pay Particular Homage to is Gaggenau & Their Beautiful Ovens.

Whether you are looking for an authentic, rural, Italian country feel or something more modern, sleek and high-tech; Gaggenau Extractor works for every kitchen design.

These sharp and efficiently functional, integrated range of ovens are a smart option for the hub of your home. But, why?

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With easy accessibility through simple touch & open technology, life just got a lot easier when you are carrying a casserole dish and trying to get the oven open at the same time. The impressive slick design makes this a real showstopper for any kitchen design.


While this oven has a very impressive steam cooking functionality, its multiple humidity levels make cooking a pleasure and a whole new way of creating delicious dinners.

Though all of this is exciting, for us the cooldown feature which instinctively reduces the amount of steam that blasts out of the door when it is opened is a real game-changer. No more steamy glasses.


The high-temperature capability means this oven can rid your spills and leftovers without using harsh chemicals and unbearable product smells.

Without taking up any extra floor space, this oven is discretely installed to create a clean, modern addition to any kitchen, meaning regardless of the square metre of your kitchen this oven really would work for you.

This is another level of convenience, so if you are really looking for help in the kitchen, Gaggenau Cooktops is definitely your right-hand man.

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